Marketing is an expense if it doesn’t produce a profitable response. Otherwise, it’s an investment and your goal should always be to create the most compelling copy to gain the highest response. Here are the 11 motivators I use in all of my insurance marketing copy that can help you get the greatest response.

1. Stories – use a story to connect with your prospect or customer.  Great opening lines include:  “I stumbled across something unusual recently…” and “Last month I was sitting on a plane…”

2. Reason why – if you want to promote something, give people a reason for it, the more personal the better.  Examples include (Holidays, my dog’s birthday, birth of a child, an accident, etc.)

3. Specificity – be specific about what your product or service can do for your customer.  (identity theft– help them repair their credit, pays for attorneys fees etc.)

4. The Truth – Make a damaging admission; it completely disarms your prospect.  If you’ll tell them the truth about that, you must be telling the truth about the everything else.

5. Curiosity  – Appeal to their curiosity with articles or reports like “What never to eat on an airplane.”

6. Authority – Use endorsements, get recommendations.  Use facts from associations or celebrities to support your statements.  Local celebrities can be very effective too.

7. Scarcity – People are more motivated by the fear of loss than by gaining something.  Give deadlines or a limited number of special gifts.  Offer a limited number of accident kits for the first to send you a testimonial.

8. Social proof – testimonials, blogs with many comments, videos of people testifying to your product and services’ value.  The majority is a powerful force, especially when your prospect is in unfamiliar situations.

9. Contrast principle – Sell the high ticket item first, then add on the lower price offerings.  Sell the car insurance policy then add the homeowners, the umbrella, the identity protection.

10. Reciprocation – quid pro quo.  Give free samples, provides a feeling of being in debt to you. Then ask them for the referral.

11. Commitment and Consistency – The more public the commitment, the more powerful this principle takes hold.  A public declaration is a very powerful commitment.

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