mail boxYesterday, my mastermind friend, Russ Lowry and I were talking about our upcoming webinar interview with Ethan Kap. As we discussed some of the points that have helped us get the most freedom from our agencies, I brought up the mail. I said to Russ, “I wonder how many agents still open their agency’s mail?” Russ immediately fired back “I LOVE opening the mail!” We chuckled and agreed that we both love opening the mail.

We also agreed that it was a huge waste of time. Both of us have passed this task on to those that make less money than we do, but there are a few exceptions. Of course, we like to check out the “junk” mail. Why, because as a marketer, it’s good to see what other marketers are doing and steal good ideas from them. And, anything to do with fishing, I’m reading it!

Opening the mail is one of the tasks that many agents have a hard time letting go and is probably the biggest waste of money. Why? Because, Time is Money! Every minute of your day should be spent doing what makes you the most money. Everything else should be delegated.

Once a week, I go over to my agency for a 2 hour lunch meeting. During this meeting, we follow an agenda and time is not wasted. That’s also the time when I pick up what little mail I must read. Ever since I moved away from working in my agency, the value of my time has sky-rocketed. Today, I’m making thirty times more money per hour than when I worked in my agency. This has happened because of two reasons.

First, I work less hours on my agency. Probably on average about 10 to 15 hours a week. Since I have cut my hours back, my hourly income goes up, right?

Second, my income has risen significantly. This has happened because I only work on what is going to increase revenue for my agency. All of my time is spent developing and implementing marketing campaigns that… drives more prospects to my agency; cross-sells to our existing clients; and retains our clients. That’s it.

Now, the key to consistently increasing the value of my time is to place everything I have developed to run automatically. Once a successful campaign is built, it can be run over and over again. And if it is placed in a system, it can be programmed to happen every month, every few months, or even every year depending on the type of campaign. The more you have running, the more money you make. It’s a beautiful thing. Do it once, set it to go out automatically and move on to another profit generating campaign.

There are some agents reading this post that may be saying, “Well, my clients will only talk to me. I can’t free myself of this duty.” This is a whole different subject on freeing up time and we’ll discuss this on our upcoming call with Ethan. But, I’d like to leave you with one question. Why do they only want to talk to you? Think about that and find a way to stop this from happening while still keeping your clients.