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Attract, Convert, Retain and Cross Sell More High Quality Clients to Your Agency!

When you join the Agency Command Team you get a system designed by agents for agents. My partner, Tom Wiecek, and I are both agents in the trenches just like you.

Tom is an agency owner in North Carolina and I’m an agency owner in Oklahoma. Agency Command grew out of my personal agency and has continued to evolve as Tom and I use it every day to help our own agencies do four main things, Attract, Convert, Cross sale and Retain more clients.

Here are a few examples that will give you a little more insight into how Agency Command can help take your agency to the next level.

One of the biggest questions I get when I do demos (Yes, I do the demos; who better than the creator of the system?) with agents is “How can I increase my agency new business? We call this attraction. We all know that the attraction of new business is vital to agency success, but so many agents are still either trying what didn’t work last year or they’ve simply given up.

Our system has integrated forms and landing pages that allow you to set up niche marketing to target your agency growth. We also are one of the only marketing systems that has integration between online (emails and PURLS and Landing pages) and offline (direct mail postcards). This allows you to laser focus your marketing and message to prospects to attract only those you want and to maximize your marketing dollar.

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The next issue I get is “Even if we can attract great prospects my staff doesn’t have time to follow up with everyone and we are losing out on new business due to no systems for follow up.” Well never fear, AC has an incredible follow up system that can be as detailed or as simple as you want. Either way it follows up with your clients or reminds your staff to so you only deal with clients that are ready to buy, saving you time and money and saving staff a ton of headaches and heartbreak dealing with tire kickers.

So once you get someone to respond to your marketing, call for a quote and maybe get a sale, how often do you think your staff asks them for all their business? Maybe I’m the only agent that has staff leave money on the table, meaning they don’t cross sell all the business they can. This can be as easy as picking up autos on all the mono line home business you have to getting life and umbrellas on your multi-line accounts.

I know few agents that can say they have an automated system to follow up with clients, if you’d like to join this group get with me and I’ll show you the system. Just in case you’re wondering, we add fresh content on a regular basis to help you with your cross sale program and we teach you how to automate this for maximum profit.

Lastly, after you’ve worked so hard to get a client, you don’t want to lose them. Many of the tools you’ve used to get them will also help you keep them. The automated emails and the content we give you in our protection points help you build and maintain credibility and a relationship with your clients. The system can help you with birthday emails, postcards or even send a reminder task to have your staff call a client. These all add up to more points in retention and more income for you the agency owner.

Oh, and one more thing, if you utilize the system correctly, there will be a history of all the times you have attempted to advise a client that they need more protection, or that they need to discuss their protection with you to determine if it is still sufficient. If you ever have the heartache of an E&O claim, this documentation can be very valuable to you.

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If growing your agency, cross selling policies and increasing your bottom line sounds like something you are interested in, go to, request a Personal Live Demo and let’s see if we are a good fit for your agency.

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