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Don’t You Love Opening the Mail?

Yesterday, my mastermind friend, Russ Lowry and I were talking about our upcoming webinar interview with Ethan Kap. As we discussed some of the points that have helped us get the most freedom from our agencies, I brought up the mail. I said to Russ, “I wonder how many agents still open their agency’s mail?” [...]

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The REAL WORLD Dirty Truth About Online Marketing

There is a lot of hype getting pumped into the insurance world about online marketing. Some of these “cutting edge” marketing systems have delivered results for few and most agents who have bought into these systems are watching their money burn before their very eyes. Believe me, I know. I made this mistake and am [...]

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Kill The Vampires!

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year either your wife, girlfriend or 9 of 10 females you know have read the Twilight series. For the boys reading this post it's a romantic series about Vampires much the same as the True Blood series on HBO. So you are asking what [...]

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